Sunday, June 15, 2014

One Last Dance - Kickstarter

Do you remember the Kickstarter project for The Fitzroy that was so successful last year? Here's another project from producers James Heath and Liam Garvo, who raised £72,000 for the above project, and £255,000 for Enemy of Man. Their next project, One Last Dance, will be a short film directed by Luke Losey, due to be shot this October in Herne Bay, England.

The film stars Jonathan Pryce, who has been acting for more than 40 years. You may have seen him in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Brazil, or one of my personal favorites, Glengarry Glen Ross. Other actors involved include Shane Attwooll and Sara Kestelman.

Losey directed Orbital's video, The Box, and the film will feature music from the band.

The film tells the story of Jon, and old man, who on a visit to his grandson's dance competition sees a vision of his late wife. They dance, giving Jon a chance to reconnect with his past and reignite his passion for life. One Last Dance is a simple story, beautifully told, about the texture of memory, lost love and the haunting intimacy of a dance. 

I've always found movies about memory and perception fascinating. Those which immediately spring to mind are Memento, Persona and Mulholland Dr.. Another thing I have realized is that to a large extent, we can choose how we feel. It's easy to focus on the negative, and missed chances, and I've been guilty of that plenty of times. But there's also the choice to focus on the positive and help shape our own future. It sounds as if the old man in this film faces similar choices.

If you would like to find out more about supporting the film, please take a look at the Kickstarter campaign. There is a promotional video with details of some of the goodies on offer for those who choose to pledge. The campaign launches on June 20, and has 21 days to hit the £15,000 target.

You can find out more about those involved by visiting the following social media links:

Facebook -
Twitter - @1lastdance
Director's Blog -

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