Monday, December 3, 2012

Mini-Fitz Challenge (Another Fitzroy Update)

Mini-Fitz Challenge

If you have been following the progress of The Fitzroy fundraiser, you'll know that the project is aiming to raise £60,000 by December 23rd. My original post has the main details and you can donate or follow the progress of the project here on Kickstarter.

The latest news is that the team are planning to make a short film this coming weekend, set in the same world. Here is their promotional piece:
The Mini-Fitz-Challenge

We're going to make a short film in 48 hours using ideas provided by YOU!

We've been lucky enough to speak to some awesome filmmakers & actors throughout the course of this campaign, so we thought we'd do something special just for you!

Next weekend (8/9th Dec) we will produce a short film based around the world of The Fitzroy feature film, we'll have 48 hrs only to shoot and edit the final piece. The short will not appear in the finished feature film, however some of the characters may do and it could be based around a sub plot behind the scenes or even a mini prequel. The finished short will be part of the special edition DVD and will be premiered online on the 10th December.

We want YOU to help us make this film! Helping us create the story and make the film in 48hrs by being part of the cast and crew.

We'll be setting tasks everyday throughout the week so keep and eye out. The first task is one all of you can engage with. We've come up with three scenarios for the Mini-Fitz but we really need a fourth! You have today only to send us your ideas and our favourite will be selected to go to public vote tomorrow, with the winning idea going into production at the weekend.


1) It must be set in one location.
2) The story for the film should be no longer than 2 minutes in length.
3) A gas mask must be involved in the story.
4) Most importantly, the idea must be set around the post apocalyptic world of The Fitzroy. On the sub, off the sub, during the film, before it, whatever you like - check out to better understand the world.

To help as well here are the ideas we have so far.
1) A fast talking door to door sales man tries to sell a washer woman his last gas mask just minutes before a nuclear bomb is due to go off.
2) In a derelict office building a fastidious council inspector looks to hire his replacement, but just who will get the job?
3) On a wet cold beach a young couple try to have a 'lovely day by the seaside'. The man secretly plans to propose but as everything he attempts goes wrong will he win her hand?
4) Created by you!

Please send your strapline ideas to

We will announce our favourite on Tuesday morning with the poll opening on Facebook straight after.

Can't wait to hear your ideas, and GOOD LUCK!

Please Note: If your idea ends up going into production you will receive a writing credit. Dresden Pictures will retain all rights to the final film.

So, do you feel like contributing? How cool would it be to see one of your ideas used in the film!

Here's one idea I had:

A scene showing the crew visiting IKEA or a similar place to buy curved furniture for the submarine, with a maximum height of five feet. The crew are all wearing gas masks and finding it tough to get help from a sales associate. The staff patiently explain that they don't stock gas mask racks of any kind, but they can give a discount on metal polish if you buy in bulk.

As always, here are the team's Twitter details:

General: @the_fitzroy
Producer James Heath: @jamesjheath
Producer Liam Garvo: @lgarvo
Director Andrew Harmer: @andrewharm
Head of press Rebecca Wilson: @BecsGW

Please consider taking part, donating, or retweeting relevant posts.

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