Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Fitzroy (Update)

The Fitzroy (2013)
Written and directed by Andrew Harmer
Produced by Liam Garvo and James Heath

If you read my article last month, you'll know that The Fitzroy is a comedy that will be entirely funded by contributions from fans. For full details, please see my original post.

If you don't have time to read the full article, I'll summarize. The film will be a comedy in the style of Monty Python and Jean-Pierre Jeunet and it will be set in a post-apocalyptic version of the 1950’s.

The filmmaking team have set up a fundraiser which you can access here on Kickstarter. The team needs to raise £60,000 by December 23rd and the current total is £20,572 after three weeks. As you can see, that leaves almost £40,000 to raise in the next three weeks. It's Christmas, so maybe you are feeling generous? 

However, if you want to help and just can't afford to donate, please consider promoting the film by writing an article or simply retweeting any of the posts promoting the film.

This is our chance to make a small difference and encourage an original idea to develop into an actual film. 

Anyone who makes a significant effort may be rewarded with some merchandise. The details are in the post I linked to above.

I'll close by adding a couple of videos:

This first one is a quick message from producers Liam Garvo and James Heath:

And this is from the team's event night:

You can follow the progress of the project on Twitter, and perhaps you'll be kind enough to pass along any important news by retweeting to your followers.

Here are the team's Twitter details:

General: @the_fitzroy
Producer James Heath: @jamesjheath
Producer Liam Garvo: @lgarvo
Director Andrew Harmer: @andrewharm
Head of press Rebecca Wilson: @BecsGW

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  1. I really hope these guys reach their goal. I'll be donating toward the end of the month :)

    1. They need £1964 per day until the closing date of December 23rd.